Silver Linings Album booklet
  • Silver Linings Album booklet

Silver Linings Album booklet

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This album booklet has all the background information on the tracks and the creation of this album.

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about the music

Howdy! Thank you for purchasing my album, Silver Linings. This album is a labor of love that has long been in the making in my mind, in between gigs, travels, and teaching. When our nation went into lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, my life, like many of you, completely changed. Within weeks, I saw my whole season of performances get cancelled, and all teaching and other activities transition online. Rather than dwell on the losses, I decided to see the silver linings. Everything that had been inside of me I let out, and wrote it down. I wasn't sure when I would get to perform in public next, but I was certain that I would continue to make music in whatever way that I could. As devastating as the pandemic was, I continue to find more silver linings. I hope you are finding those for you, too, in whatever shape they take in your life. Thank you for letting me share these silver linings of the innermost musical workings of my soul with you. I hope you enjoy the music!