"other bright spots included…a buoyant section of bach's coffee cantata…with Brandi berry's alert violin playing outstanding.." (Chicago Classical review)


“Berry played a few violin solos, with bright, lively playing in Thomas Baltzar’s “Prelude from the Division Violin” and a pleasing legato in the final movement of Bach’s Sonata No. 3, BWV 2005. It was positively joyful.” (Hyde Park Herald)


"Most of the concert's energy came from violinist Brandi Berry, whose hoedown riffs, powered by a flashing blur of bow arm on pieces such as ”Jefferson and Liberty," Stephen Foster's "Oh! Susannah" and the Civil War song "The Army of the Free," rolled out with irresistible glee." (Washington post)


“Highlighting violinist Brandi Berry‘s uniquely keening, soaring sound…” (Broadway World)


“[the tracks] Glass and The World is My Playground..feature the indispensable skill…and four-string acrobatics of violinist Brandi Berry.” (TimeOut Chicago in review of the album Drifting by Kmang Kmang)